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Welcome to ISDE 2021!

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking forward to welcoming everyone virtually to the ISDE’s 2021 World Congress. Whilst many of us were looking forward to meeting face to face in Toronto in August, the ongoing global pandemic means that we must now make the most of the unique opportunities that a virtual platform offers. The Congress organising committee have worked hard and has diversified the program, and significantly expanded the number and breadth of the Faculty who will now be contributing to the program.

Instead of the ISDE’s traditional 2 ½ day program, we will now be delivering 3 streams of concurrent content for 4 hours across each of 4 days. Our live stream will be scheduled to commence at different times across each of the 4 days. We are confident that all disciplines will find something of interest at a convenient time for at least some of the days.

In addition to essential updates addressing benign disease and cancer, additional sessions will address the impact of COVID-19 on esophageal disease management, and also cover issues pertinent to resource constrained environments in low and middle income countries. Free papers have not been forgotten, with the best abstracts addressing the latest research outcomes now selected for plenary free paper sessions, and other abstracts will be available to stream on demand.

I know that the world has many different time zones, and that for some of you sessions might be scheduled for an inconvenient time. I know this because I live on the other side of the world in Australia! However, this will not be a problem! Beyond the initial live stream, all sessions will available for streaming for 12 months to all registrants, so everyone can access all of the content at a time that suits them. For the first time, you won’t have to worry about which concurrent session to attend. You won’t miss anything – you can see it all!

On behalf of the ISDE I am looking forward to joining with you virtually in September!


Professor David Watson
ISDE President

About ISDE

The ISDE is an international, multispecialty society devoted to the study of the esophagus in disease and in health that was founded in 1979. The aims of the ISDE are to promote the exchange of scientific and medical knowledge among specialists in the field, to maintain interchange with organizations and industries, and to encourage basic and clinical research in fields related to the esophagus. In order to promote the professional and educational development of individuals interested in the esophagus, the ISDE sponsors its own journal, international congresses, and other educational programs. The ISDE Secretariat was in Tokyo, Japan, from 1979 to 2004, and then resided in Los Angeles, California, from 2004 through 2010. Since 2010 the Secretariat has been in Vancouver, British Columbia, under the auspices of International Conferences Service, Ltd. The ISDE welcomes participation by existing members and encourages individuals who are professionally interested in the esophagus to become members. Benefits include reduced registration fees at our congresses and other educational offerings, restricted access to website content and member search capability, access to webcasts, reduced subscription rates for our journal, and the opportunity to help lead this organization into a position of leadership in the worldwide medical community.